Rapport, an integral part of the Restaurant Associates family, brings award-winning guest services to premium clients across the globe. The team at Rapport prides itself on anticipating and meeting the needs of every guest through tailored services, each designed to align with our clients’ cultures and values.

For us, it is all about attending to the smallest details. Right down to the cut of the fabric or coloured thread on our bespoke uniforms.

We have developed a unique system that contains your guests’ personal preferences so we are ready for their next visit. Just one of the many reasons we are trusted by a growing number of international companies across the UK, US and Asia.

Rapport is an award-winning, specialist company that provides corporate organisations with a range of fully managed front and back of house guest services. Our tailored services are provided to clients in all major cities in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Denmark and in key locations in the US and Hong Kong.

Valuable relationships are a cornerstone of successful businesses, which is why Rapport always goes above and beyond to create remarkable experiences for every client and guest. Rapport’s services are rooted in its passion for people and expertise in the events industry, so you can be confident that the team will delight every guest, every time.